Sprite not being placed in world coordinates correctly.

I am trying to spawn a player on an object created in Tiled. However it is offset and is drawing it in the screen space instead of world space.

When I then convert the world position to the screen position, it does not seem to affect the value.

I am trying to get the character to spawn here

However my character spawns over here instead

I initialise the camrea like so

   var viewportAdapter = new BoxingViewportAdapter(Game.Window, GraphicsDevice, 800, 480);
  _camera = new OrthographicCamera(viewportAdapter);

and spawn the character like so

  _entityFactory = new EntityFactory(_world, Content);
  var spawnPoint = _camera.WorldToScreen(spawn.Objects[0].Position);

I would assume that camera.WorldToScreen would convert the coordinates but it returns the exact same coordinates back.

Obviously I’m doing something wrong here but I am not sure.

Any help is appreciated and let me know if any more information is needed.