SpriteFont, any plans or other options?

Hey all fellow monogamers :smile:

I was just wondring. When i want to add SpriteFonts to my Monogame 3.2 using VS2013, i need to precompile it in VS2010/XNA and then move it over to my Monogame project.
So my question is:

-Will there be added any SpriteFont to Monogame?
-If not, are there any other options to do this with Monogame?

Regards Pota :sunny:

The new content pipeline replaces building content with VS2010/XNA.


Or just use XNA in VS2013. It’s working fine.

Yeah i know it works, but will SpriteFont be added to Monogame anytime?

Where can I get the pipeline tool from? also Where can I get MGCB.exe from?

Grab the latest MonoGameInstaller from teamcity.

Click artifacts, Windows, MonoGameInstaller-3.2.exe

You might want to be careful suggesting that.

I had to revert a friends project back to Master because the Develop installer caused his project to not even compile.

In addition, I’m still waiting for a response to my question as to why the Video Asset Type was removed from Develop, even though it works perfectly well in Master 3.2. So, “upgrading” isn’t necessarily the right thing to do.

Using the MGCB from the Develop branch will require Develop to be used as the MG reference in your project, otherwise the content versions won’t match up.

I’ve been using Monogame Pipeline for all my .png and .wav files, but I haven’t been able to get a .ttf (font file) to convert to xnb. I found arial 18 pt font in xnb format online and just use that (I don’t need a lot of dynamic text for my project yet). Anyone have instructions on using the Monogame Pipeline to convert fonts?