SpriteFont - Could not load "Asset" as content file

I have looked at a bunch of different topics with a very similar question to my own:

… Oh i’m only allowed to put one link because I’m a new user.

But none seem to have quite the issue I’m having… and I’m very sorry in advance for my ignorance!

What I am doing step by step (I’m using Visual Studio):

  • Open the Content.mgcb file using the Pipeline tool
  • Right click the Content item and then Add → New item
  • Give it the name “Test” and choose SpriteFont description

At this point everyone says “Build it” or “Build the application” and it will create a .spritefont file, or some say it will create a .xnb file. Mine creates a .spritefont file in the root location of the project if I choose Build → Build. But people are saying I need a .xnb file and put that in the Content folder.

This is the bit I am struggling with: how to create the XNB file, instead of the .spritefont file… or do I need both. This whole process has been much more awkward than expected :frowning:

The actual error I am getting is Could not load “Test” as content file.

Did you create the VS project from a MonoGame project template? If so, it has everything setup to build the content. You use the Pipeline Tool to add the assets, such as the .spritefont file, to the content project. Save the content project, then go back to Visual Studio. Build the VS project and it will build the content project first, producing the .xnb files and copying these to the build output directory.