Spritefont file not found when is not a default fount

Hello Community,

I’m trying to import the font Manaspace to my project, the font is installed on my system but when I try to compile the file with the Pipeline tool a wild error appears!

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find “Manaspace” font file.

I tried with

Manaspace Regular

but its not working at all… btw I used this file with the old XNA a few years ago with wondows 7, VS 2015 and it worked perfectly… Now I’m using Monogame in Windows 10 and VS 2017 so I don’t know if something changed or whats happening because it only happens when I try to import an external fount because if I change the FontName to Arial/Calibri/whateverdefaultfontofwindows, the file works…