SpriteFont rendering - Can't seem to disable smoothing

I feel like we’re saying the same thing here… no? The issue is that MonoGame currently provides no way to disable font anti-aliasing when the texture sheet used by a sprite font is generated at content built time.

I feel like an option would be expected here, under ProcessorParameters…

I don’t recall XNA having this though, and I know MonoGame tries to reproduce the XNA experience. If this is how XNA worked, well… I guess we just use BitmapFont :slight_smile:

Ya we are saying the same thing. I was just trying to clarify that the problem lies mostly with the freetype library monogame is using underneath not monogame’s smoothing or aliasing itself.

I was also alluding to the idea that you can also get around it as is with well hinted fonts.
Though this is a half messed up font its got the gylph hinting.

Or if the unhinted font is not too small.

from the above issue.

mrhelmut commented on Jan 22

Anti-aliasing should definitely be controlled, but that’s probably worth opening another issue than this one.

On my end, I care about big AND small fonts accuracy. If we go with
StbSharp, we should keep in mind (i.e. document) that it doesn’t support
hinting and ultimately add hinting support to the original stb_truetype
so that it can be ported to StbSharp.

I don’t know if there was ever even a issue opened for that separately.

Gotcha :slight_smile:

I did open this…

Also apparently it got added to the 3.8 milestone, so maybe it will get addressed at some point.

I wouldn’t doubt if its not just a simple option switch as far as the FreeType rasterizer that could be set.
Im not to familiar with the pipeline tool and im not sure who is the authority on that maybe tom spillman ?.
But if you could figure out how to internally tell it to not alias.
Then figure out who is the expert on the pipeline tool maybe you could ask them about it and suggest the needed change and it would make it easy and quick enough for them to do it directly