I’m not sure if the thread is still alive but I’m having problems to implement this feature.
I think I{m following all the instructions correctly.


TtfFontBakerResult generator = TtfFontBaker.Bake(File.ReadAllBytes(path), 25, 1024, 1024, characters);

And then

SpriteFont font = generator.CreateSpriteFont(device);

But when I try to draw any text, I get no results on the screen.
I used the SpriteFont.MeasureString method to see if something was happening there and I got a really high size, 2220x1024 pixels.

I noticed that the last version listed on github is 0.85 and the lastest version available at NuGet I think is 0.72.
I´’m not sure if I’m using the wrong version.

Sorry if I’m not providing any more details, but I’m not even sure how to debug this problem.
Everything seems to be working fine.

The discord for both spritefontplus and fontstash is here in the myra server.

you might try fontstash im not sure which one of these are newer.