Spritesheet Maker Software To Create Evenly Distributed Rectangle Offset

I’m new to monogame and I want to create an animation with a spritesheet. The problem is I can’t find a good spritesheet making tool. The size of each image isn’t the same. Therefore I cannot calculate the rectangle for each frame by just the size of the spritesheet / size of individual image. Is there any spritesheet making tool that can distribute the rectangle for each image evenly? I tried TexturePacker and it don’t have this feature.

Here’s the problem in gif:

Just use any decent DTP app and distribute them yourself…

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Image Magick is a tool designed to let you write simple image processing scripts, that might be your best bet.

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You might want to check my ModLab: ModLab on Steam

Here is quick demonstration:

I’ve made it for reason you mentioned, alternatives I found were 1) buggy 2) slow 3) paid

This has realtime preview of every change and should load and save at light speed :slight_smile: also I use it in commercial production for quite some time.

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You are doing a kind of a flip book style animation where all the frame sprites have to be the same size. It’s very easy to implement but may lack versatility. Try building you own simple animation system where all the fame sprites can be different sizes but can have a positional offset. That way you can do alot more types of animation.