Starting directory for MGCB when loading response file wrong

So I’ve decided to run a response file threw the MGCB.exe

The response file location:

The MGCB file location:

so I cd to /home/name/Software/MGCB/ using terminal, then I run:
mono MGCB.exe /@:/home/name/Documents/Project/file.mgcb

it starts compiling but then for each file it sets “/home/name/Software/MGCB/” instead of “/home/name/Documents/Project/” for directory and of course fails to compile all the files

Am I doing something wrong, is this a bug?

That sounds like a bug to me.

So… I opened the source code and saw what was causing this bug. Unfortunately I found another big bug right after fixing this one, if you try to compile a resource from static path (/build:/home/name/Documents/Project/file.png) and try to change the outputDir, the MGCB will crash…

This reminds me of “If they cut off one bug, two more shall take it’s place”

Also I found a trick that I can use for loading response files, just change startup folder for the MGCB.exe to the folder of the response file and all is well.