State of Monogame in terms of extending functionality

Hey, I was curious what the current view is on extending the Monogame API beyond that of XNA?

Particularly I was looking to improve the Model classes to make generating meshes at runtime easier, but doing so would likely change some of the behind the scenes that XNA does.

I’m not talking about changing the interfaces, but rather adding extended features to those interfaces, or adding new ones.

For instance, in the ModelMesh class, setting the MeshParts collection yourself could (should?) iterate through the collection and update each part’s parent, as well as updating the effect collection (if any of that is even still relevant, the whole thing looks a bit cut up ATM).

As well, it might be nice to add a PrimitiveType to mesh parts.

What is the general view on adding things like this to the core Monogame?

I think we add things where they are generally useful or where implementing them on top of monogame is no good.

Maybe related there is a mesh builder being added to monogame (it exists in xna)

Creating an issue on GitHub for discussion might be better than on here