Static Class For Xbox Live Integration

Hello everyone,

I’m an ID@Xbox developer using MonoGame to release a UWP game on Xbox One. I’ve programmed a static class that implements all basic Xbox Live functionality. If you’re releasing via ID@Xbox or the Creators Club I hope you’ll find my code useful. You can simply include my class in your project and begin calling the functions you need. My class handles the following things:

  1. Signing in via the account picker (this is the required method for
    signing in as ID@Xbox developers, as we need to switch users during

  2. Saving and loading using the ConnectedStorage API.

  3. Required services such as Achievements, Presence and Featured Stats.

  4. Code for implementing a trial version of your game.

Please read the comments at the top to ensure your project is set up properly
to use this class. You can view the code here:

Thanks, and I hope it’s useful!


Now I need an Xbox1 :smirk:
Thanks for this !

haha you’re welcome, I hope it helps!

I’ve updated the class with some important changes! I just finished running my game through the checklist for certification, so I updated this class with the things I learned from that process.