Steam controller, how to get it done?

Hi there,
Pretty new to monogame, so this might be a dumb question…Hope it’s not :slightly_smiling:

I’m trying to use my shiny brand new steam controller as input device for my monogame project. Apparently the GamePad-class doesn’t detect it(with GetCapabilities) . Am I correct in assuming that, for the moment, I can only use this class with an XBox-controller?

If so, what would the most straightforward way to read out the steam controller’s state?

Thank you in advance!

Apparently the controller simply outputs keyboard commands. Not sure what will happen of two controllers are connected though.

It can output key presses, but that’s not standard behaviour. You don’t get any of the analog output from that compatibility mode. To use it properly I believe it needs Steam integration to use it through the Steam API, which we don’t have implemented in the codebase.

You can emulate a game pad with the steam controller as well. So if u support a normal controller the steam controlee will just behave as one.