StemAPI.Init() fails

I am working on implementing Steamworks into my game. I am using this repo as base for implementation:

SteamApi.Init() fails regardless of what I do. steam_appid.txt is in the correct folder.

Any idea of what I could be doing wrong? I can add that I downloaded the examples and they work as intended, problem is that they use an old version of the Steam api and Monogame (3.6)

I recommend MonoGame users to use this:

It is way easier to use and handle.

In case you still want to use Steamworks.Net:

What is the exact error message when SteamApi.Init() failed?
Is the SteamClient running?


Thank you! This one works. I had no idea why it failed, Steamclient was running in the background and it just didn’t work. I am just going to assume the other one simply didn’t work for the newer .dll version of Steam API.

Thank you again!