Strange Android Emulator Behavior

Heres a puzzle for the smart people amongst you, damned if I can figure it out.

I’m using the latest Hyper-V Android emulators to test some stuff before publishing and i’m getting an exception when I do this:

string name = “abc1”;
texture = sContent.Load(name);

I know right, works fine on a real android device, fine in win32, UWP all devices, just causes a crash in the new emulators, now i do know they have changed the new Hyper-V version it’s almost the same but now won’t load a texture.

I understand that basically this is NOT monogame but i was interested if anyone has ever come across this, if you need more info let me know


Would be helpful to know what the error actually is. Is there a C# exception?

The exception is file not found,

didn’t wanna list the whole thing but suffice to say it couldn’t find the file, it will however do this

  song = Game1.sContent.Load<Song>(filename);

with no problem, very confusing

getting this now after I installed mono
java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to get provider mono.MonoRuntimeProvider: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to find application Mono.Android.Platform.ApiLevel_22 or Xamarin.Android.Platform!

I’ll be honest, no clue what that java error’s really babbling on about but it seems like maybe your application is targeting an Android API level (a.k.a Android version) that isn’t on the emulator.