Strange Pipeline Behavior - Null Object in script I deleted?

I’m attempting to build an XML file via the pipeline. I’m using a custom ContentTypeSerializer to deserialize the file before its converted to XNB. The deserialization function runs perfectly in VisualStudio, but the pipeline throws a Null Object reference exception on line 71 of my deserialization script and refuses to build.

Now here’s where it gets strange - Naturally I try and comment out that line. I get the same error. I then comment out the entire deserialization function…again same error on line 71 of my script. I then delete the entire file containing my custom ContentTypeSerializer, close out of Visual Studio, and reload everything. After attempting to build the xml again, I get the same exact error on line 71 of a script that no longer exists?

Is there some kind of caching or something going on behind the scenes that I’m not aware of? I’ve had all manner of headaches trying to get the pipeline to build this XML over the last couple of days, but this error takes the cake!

Ugh. For anyone that is frustrated and not thinking clearly…double check that any external references in the content pipeline are being updated properly! It just so happens my custom ContentTypeSerializer is in a separate dll, which apparently didn’t get updated…thus referencing broken code.

I vote to delete this post, but that’s just me :slight_smile: