Strange Pipeline Tool behavior on Windows 8.1

Hello guys,
I just got a Xamarin.Android Indie licence and I wanted to start with a game using Xamarin Studio.
As in the new Visual Studio templates, I added a Content.mgcb. Then I opened it using Right-Click in Xamarin Studio -> Open With -> Pipeline and saved it. So far so good.

But every time I add some content to it, it seems, that the pipeline file is located in another place:

Also the location path is displayed by two backslash when opened in Xamarin Studio.

This also happens if I double-click the mgcb-File in the windows explorer.
It works fine, when I open the mgcb within Visual Studio or I click “file->open” inside of the pipeline tool.

Are there new Xamarin Studio templates which uses the mgcb like the new Visual Studio ones?

The new xs addin is being worked on: Also monogame 3.3 will be released very very soon.

These are good news! Can’t wait or it!