Stripped down farseerphysics?

So alot of you may know how hard it is to make a original platformer with real physics. I originally looked at farseer physics as a collision library that can do more than just basic box collision. Now that those extra features are there, they’re bugging me and I’m having troubles just doing Kinematic bodies such as collision with static bodies, as the both have “infinite mass”(I think it was mass). But I could fake static bodies by just setting the position, rotation and velocity to zero every frame but when I do that you can see the bodies move then revert back. Any recommendations? Bottom line is I’m looking for a stripped down farseer physics that just does the advance collision that farseer does along with possibly the texture to body features, however not 100% needed.

Thanks :slightly_smiling:

You have three options:

  1. Reconsider using “real” physics in a game.

  2. Start with a mature engine and remove all the crap, there is one more choice apart from Farseer:

  1. Write your own from scratch.

Check this as well:

  1. I’m making a engine, and having real physics as a option is always good. 2) I dont know quite enough about Farseer to be able to do this, but I am slowly reading the source and understanding it a bit more each time. 3) haha… Completely clueless at step 1.