Struggling with 3D.

I have been using Monogame for 2d and I am really liking it but I want to get into 3D.
The thing is that I can’t find any documentation on lighting in 3D and other stuff like materials. From googling around I came across shaders but I have NO idea what they are how they work what they do and everything about them. I would like to create a simple but yet beautiful level but I have no idea where to start from. I know 3D modeling with Blender and I can model my stuff. I also got the hang of getting my 3D models into Monogame but that’s as far as I am. For example, I would like to create a point light. How should I go about doing it? Also, I would like to have a sun and the objects to cast shadows on the ground.
I just simply don’t know what do and where to start. I think if I get the point light working it would be a nice start but even something like a simple lamp I just can’t find anything about.
Please help I am really stuck.

I can suggest a good book if you like, however, take a look at @kosmonautgames’s thread:

And find some of the links on mine here: