Struggling with Timed updates.

Hi folks.

I’ve started a new project to experiment with using ElpasedTime.TotalSeconds when updating sprite speeds and turning calculations. I found out previous to this I was doing everything wrong!

While I’m finding Sprite.Speed += X * TimeVariable quite simple, I’m getting into all sorts of knots when trying to work with variable forces and damping routines, which are all affected in different directions and different varying rates.

Is there a way to force an update and a draw every x milliseconds instead of having to build the time variable into every calculation?

I can of course just exit the update routine until LastMilliseconds + Milliseconds = X but I can see that might be a little unreliable. Or is that how it would be done?

Don’t worry folks, I’ve searched harder and found a couple of topics that state I am trying to do things the right way, it’s just my maths are crap!