Stuck on loading screen (Steamdeck)

Has anyone done native Steamdeck games yet?

I managed to get it working in desktop mode after a ton of fiddling (manually adding dotnet runtime and adding the path init to one of the bash files), but I can’t get it running in the game mode - it just locks up on the loading screen

Building from Manjaro Gnome in VSCode (bit of a linux newbie, but I’m trying to learn and this is a good excuse)
Project is the blank cornflower blue screen to act as my hello world before I try anything more complex

Just a quick edit to add-on a discovery:
Using the desktop environment to test out the button mapping against my other controllers, I discovered that the B Y X buttons do not respond unless you also close steam - doing so will disable the input profile in the desktop environment, defaulting the right pad to the mouse.
To anyone else poking around via desktop mode, this step must be performed after uploading through the devkit app on your PC

Got it!
You need to package for release Package games for distribution | MonoGame Documentation