Stuff gets rendered on the Texture2D instead of backbuffer on Androd.

Sup. I’ve enountered a very strange thing. On the screenshot, everything except the text bar at the bottom is drawn on the rendertarget, which is drawn on the backbuffer later. Black semi-transparent box with text is also drawn directly on the backbuffer.
All the stuff inside the white square is my texture atlas. And for some reason, stuff I draw on the backbuffer gets drawn on my texture as if it was render target. It happens only for a single frame and corrupts my texture.

Everything is fine on desktop platforms. I have no clue what’s happening.

It also seems to happen during the first couple of seconds. If I disable all rendering at the beginning and then enable it back, problem doesn’t occur.

Also, apparently isn’t not limited to the backbffer? Played around with layout and it seems like everything I render is duplicated onto my texture, even if I render it on a rendertarget.

With specific setups, by the way, problem also doesn’t occur. But it seems extremely random.