Stupid Storys - Time traveling and hamsters

Hi everybody, I am Umpfi.

About me:
It all started a year ago. As a hobby game programmer I wanted to try out how far I could get from scratch in one year. (Basically not completely from scratch, because I use MonoGame as base)

Since I’m neither a professional graphic designer, musician nor author, the game may get a bit strange in these areas.

I grew up with the SNES version of Zelda. I love this game, so it’s not surprising that I use a similar perspective.

About the game:

The game is an crossover between an “point and click” adventure and a RPG.

I’ve been working on this game for a year and have finished the programming work. Graphics are all available in a basic version, scripting is finished. Only a big sound and ambience deficit is left.

So what is left to do now is polish, polish, polish…

In my devlog on I will summarize the process weekly and also report about past experiences and developing the editor.


Nice stuff, I really like how nice the editor looks.

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if you are interested: In my Devlog you can find a video about the editor, where I build a demo scene and walk you through the process.