Style fonts are not working, why ?

Hello everyone, i’ve just started to migrate my XNA project to Monogame and i’m facing an issue :
styles font are ignored.
If i use Bold in my SpriteFont, nothing change and it stays to Regular.

What is happening ?
How do i correct that ?

Please don’t answer that by telling me to install some extra/plugin, i prefer to have my code as native as i can and not plugin dependant. I have faced to many issues with plugins compatibility in the past with other projects and i want my project to be solid :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Ii was using Verdana font (TrueType) and I have found a solution :
Instead of using the style, i use “Verdana Bold” instead of “Veradana” for the font name.It’s working.

So if you want to use styles for a font, in fact you will have to get a font for regular, one for bold, one for italic etc
It’s the most clean and simple way to do it.

But i think it’s a major issue to not be able to handle that kind of thing. I hope it will be improved.

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