Submissions for MonoGame Showcase 2016 video

It is time to put together the next MonoGame Showcase video. If you released a game during 2016 and would like it to be included in the MonoGame Showcase, please send us some links to high quality footage of your game plus information about the game, including:

  • Full title of the game
  • Developer/studio name
  • Platforms

We will have a music track playing through the video, so no audio is required in your game footage. Send links to the original source footage if you can, or to high-definition YouTube videos. The higher quality the footage, the better it will appear in the video. Post the links here or send them to

The conditions:

  • The game must have been released on at least one platform during 2016, have entered Steam Early Access during 2016, or will definitely be released by the end of Q1 2017.
  • The game has not featured in a previous MonoGame Showcase video.
  • You agree to our use of portions of the supplied footage in the MonoGame Showcase video to be published on the MonoGame YouTube channel.

We will also be making a new MonoGame Features video later in the year, likely around July or August. For that video we will be calling for tech demos and other applications that show off features of MonoGame.

For reference, here are the 2014 and 2015 MonoGame Showcase videos.


Let’s bump some people!

@kosmonautgames what happened to Bounty Roads?

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I can only tag 10 people in one post so continuing here, I’ll tag more people as I find them :slight_smile:

Hey - thanks for the tag but neither ‘Jetboard Joust’ nor ‘Attack of Giant Jumping Man’ is going to be released within that timeframe (more’s the pity)! Might get an alpha demo of Jetboard Joust out but that’ll be it.

Hopefully I’ll make 2017’s showcase though!

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artist didn’t have any time, I didn’t look for someone else.

I guess I could probably provide some short videos from the deferred engine or the model viewer for some sub-second shot during the credits, since these are technically released things and the past videos did include some graphics showcases, too (like digital rune’s engine etc.), but I’m not sure that’s really what the viewers of the video are looking for

In Gitter chat the idea of a seperate technical showcase later this year came up.

Minute of Mayhem isn’t anywhere close to release yet, so nothing from us.

@KonajuGames Am I too late to get involved here? Only just noticed I had been tagged.

Not too late. Didn’t have many submissions yet, so still open.

Alright cool, i’ll send some footage to the email address in the OP sometime next week :slight_smile: