Suggestion. Make the methods in Camera2D virtual


I’m using monogame extended and I think it’s great. One thing that I think would make it easier for people extend your library (extenption) is to make the methods in Camera2D virtual.

I can already inherit the class but I have to use a dirty hack and use “new” in order to add the functionality that I want. This would allow me to add some cool features while still harnessing your very simple and great Camera implementation.

Can I ask, what is the functionality that you want?

Which methods would you like to make virtual? All of them?

I’m sure we could find a way to make things easier for you but it’s always good to get a little more context. Sometimes the desired changes can impact other things.

For my game I wanted to everything to be 2x zoom for the pixelated look while also being able to zoom in and out occasionally. I just realized that I can just set the MinZoom to 2 and that would work very well. facepalm

So I guess I take back the suggestion.

Thanks for the reply

Great. Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

‘new’ is not a hack :slight_smile: it is the same as if you had to write ‘override’