Super Daryl Deluxe - 3 years in the making with XNA/Monogame

Hey guys,

I’ve lurked and posted here for a while now, but I’ve never actually shared my project, which seems silly to me in retrospect. We’ve been working on a comedy action-RPG (that sort of falls into the Metroidvania category as well), and I’ve been using Monogame since… October of 2015 I think? We started development in 2014 and I had been using XNA until the Monogame switch.

Here’s a pretty comprehensive gallery of gifs that explain the game mechanics

Here’s a link to our devlog which more stuff, which I update at least once a week.

And here’s a gif that I’m proud of in particular. I wrote a function that wraps and scrolls text, while also supporting different font styles and colors in the same string. Italics and bold characters help get humor across in some cases, so it was important for me to figure that out.

Anywho, I can update more development-related code things here I suppose, but there’s a chance I could meet some of you at GDC/PAX/somewhere in the future so I wanted to share what I’m working on regardless.


Very cool! I’ve seen something from this game before (in the MonoGame showcase I think). It looks very fun and I like that it’s humorous :slight_smile: The design of Daryl had me laughing out loud the first time :smiley: Have you set a release date/season?

Glad to hear you’ve seen it before! Visibility/marketing is our biggest foe right now.

A few of our release dates have been set and gone by so far. I think we’ve got a good handle on it now though… we’re looking at Q1 2018.

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The classic problem :frowning:

I love your wrapping text btw, the dialogue looks really good

Thank you! It’s something I kept saying would be impossible to pull off – and it did take me an entire nonstop workday of hair pulling – but the result is really cool.

I wrote a tutorial on it here, but it’s super convoluted and I’m not exactly proud of the code at all (the opposite really, I’m just proud of the result)… however as a solo developer I’ve learned to never look back unless I absolutely have to.