Swapchainbackpanel not presenting to screen [WORKAROUND]

When running our application on Windows 8.1/MonoGame 3.4 the following bug occurs:

  • Game Freezes visually
  • Audio, game loop, networking etc… is all still running
  • If the game is paused by the debugger, everything even seems to still be rendering, code side!
  • When any Windows element renders over the top (alt-tab, metro dialog boxes) those segments beneath show new frames, but still frozen
  • When the app loses focus, it “refreshes” again when it gains focus.

This post over at the older forums details an almost identical issue, but in regards to the advertising SDK (when I do not have it enabled and referenced in my paid build)

To work around this odd issue, I shove this line into my XAML:

   <Grid  x:Name="FixFrozenRender" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Background="Transparent" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Width="1" Height="1"/>

This creates a tiny clear pixel in the corner, that can’t be seen, but solves the issue.

Additional info:
Of 5 machines I ran the app on, only 2 machines were affected. And they were affected reliably.