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just a shot i the dark in case someone has a clue…

im updating a WPF level editor to .net 6 from 4.8m now only MG integration is broken and its been a week.
just throwing this out there in case someone knows.

im using the

dont use the other Marc Stan one because tis its using a custom he Game class and the other way fits better fro me i dont need input.

So i update his sample to net6 , submit PR but he on vacation (as we all should be, its summer and coding is not healthy) . works fine on his.

im using tabbed windows and i know this is an issue… it would be lovely if there are a netcore wpf interop ,say to do this. if wpf truely deploys to mac and linux, it might be better than Avalonia port of WPF. anways.

so when i updated to net6 lib ( oh i wish net standard 2.0 was still supported because its why i had to go full net6 on wpf with legacy stuff that is scary.). now my 4.8 wpf UI stuff is all broken , wont link or pulls in complex compatibility stuff via upgrade-assistant… that is actually needed or the property sheets fail. since the WPF and interop is usng Direct X i get zero benefit from bringing it to net6 core, except mabye scripting updates. I might go to Avalonia docking but that has a hundred forks an a zillion issues.

so what happens It’s as if the binding are screwed up cant even step into the _renderTarget=this.CreateRenderTarget2(); i even renamed it. it should call into Monogamecontent control createrrentertarget, i think the bindings or vtable s missed up and im clueless and now have to dissect everything. my project files are clean and only ref DX. i took out his SharpDX ref and his till works.

System.MissingMethodException: ‘Method not found: ‘IntPtr Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.Texture.GetSharedHandle()’.’

i am also interested in csscript ( still maintained) precompilers, debuggers, and other ways to live edit simple plugins in the level editor if anyone has tips, my wpf, legacy code UI, docking, worked on 4.8 and .netcore6 and netstandard 2… but now im a deep hole. might be facing weeks, even months of unpected work and might just go back to 3.80, and my core technology.untill things stabilize.