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I have been thinking about writing this post for a while now, a couple of months actually.
I have started using MonoGame around 2018, and have absolutely loved every second of it. There is something about the framework, and the C# that just gives me a sense of comfort and joy. I just want to keep working and building interesting things with it.

With that said, I am also thinking about creating a game with MonoGame one day. Something not super ambitious such as 3D games, or multiplayer, or PBR graphics. I am more interested in 2D games, as I find those more suited to be created (and actually completed) by smaller indie teams.

I am very interested in starting a 2D engine (with editor) project built on top of MonoGame.
I come here with the idea of explaining the project and trying to gather people who might potentially be interested. Let me know if you would like to be in this team. We can always get together and discuss the features and how we would work together to achieve them.

I want to keep the project simple, no 3D, no photo-realistic rendering, just purely 2D stuff, but nice. And what I mean by nice is, to have out of the box: level editor window, property inspector, 2D light and shadows, normal maps, UI library, ECS scene, 2D physics system, audio system, particle system (and editor), sprite sheets, and sprite animation, serialization, asset manager, etc… Those are just to name a few.

I have quite a lot of those features in the current 2D engine project I am working on. I have been building it for a while now (more than a year!) but somehow I don’t think it was implemented in the best way, and I would love to rewrite it and also get help from others who want to jump in and own certain areas of the engine, so we can all grow it together and learn together.

I don’t come here with the intention of pushing my current engine to anyone. On the contrary, we can all evaluate what each other has built over the time, and just get inspired by some of those features. Take bits and pieces of those old systems, and then just simply have a fresh start on this new engine.

Hopefully, this could become a somewhat go-to 2D engine for MonoGame. I would like to keep this open source, and free. All people involved would be given credit, and you are more than welcome to use the engine to build your own games with it!

Who would like to work together with me on this project?
Let us know if you’re excited about this, and what areas would you like to work on!

If you’ve read all the way until the end, thank you for your attention to this post! :slight_smile:


Hi, please do not abuse the tags, showcase is for work to show, not team requests.

It would help your plight if you showcased something for interested parties to see and take interest.

Alternatively, open source the project on GitHub or similar and let people volunteer changes.

Happy Coding.

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Hi MrValentine,

I haven’t posted much on the forums, so I did not know the tag I used wasn’t the best one. That was unintentional.
The idea to host it on GitHub seems great, to get people who is interested to volunteer. I will get that set up.

Thank you :slight_smile: