Tell Me About MonoGame Videos!

So i’m trying update and organize the official MonoGame YouTube channel.

What I need help with is for people to call out any good MonoGame related videos that I should include into our playlists. For example we’re looking for stuff like the following:

  • Game trailers for games using MonoGame.
  • Video tutorials on using MonoGame.
  • Porting videos of people porting from XNA to MonoGame.
  • Recorded presentations and lectures on MonoGame.
  • Misc video of tech demos using MonoGame.

Just reply here with the YouTube link and i’ll take care of including it into the channel.


Also if you haven’t already subscribe to the MonoGame channel!

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Sounds good Tom
Was planning to do some tutorial videos this year for game development and I don’t mind doing some for MonoGame, probably along the lines of project setup, getting started and using the portable framework
Will try and pry some time from my writing and other projects and get this done.

Best we agree some kind of format, so like the samples lib, so if we are promoting videos, they should all have the same kind of look and feel. *Promoted my MG

That would be fantastic! Really whatever you want to contribute there will help a lot.

If we can coordinate things right maybe these could be the “official” video tutorials on getting started.

And so it begins, I’ve started up my new MonoGame dedicated Video Channel on YT (don’t ask why I didn’t do this years ago, I just don’t know :P)
Every video will be annotated for non-english speakers and will have an accompanying blog bost for those that hate videos :stuck_out_tongue:
You can check out the new channel here:

Comments, suggestions, requests and feedback welcome on the channel

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I’ve already added your channel to our list of “Featured channels”:

… and we subscribed to your channel so we can like and feature your videos on our various playlists.

I also did the same from the new channel in advance :smiley:

Some games I believe use MonoGame (atleast for porting) that are missing from the tutorial/gameplay list:

  • Always Sometimes Monsters
  • Cut the Rope
  • DLC Quest
  • Dwarfs!?
  • Little Racers Street
  • Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3
  • Solar 2
  • Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe
  • The Swapper
  • Demon Peak
  • Terraria (I remember seeing fan port to Linux or something)

I would be happy to submit footage from some of my games. They aren’t commercial or anything, but they sure have ME impressed with monogame, and I own all the rights to the graphics and such, they are my creations, so there wont be legal issues :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of Grinder and maybe Vector Ball, both of which are in the showcase category with a few pictures for your evaluation…
I’d prefer to know if they -at all- meet your target standards before capturing and editing and sending video …

I’m not much for registering with the youtubes though… I don’t even use googles search engine unless instructed to specifically.

Might there be some way for me to send it to you directly, in some convenient format?
Perhaps I could provide a link to some free file sharing site instead…?

If you upload the videos to drop box or other file sharing site. I’m sure one of the MG team would be happy to load them on the MG YT site

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Absolutely… we’re always looking for more content for the YT channel.


What format, resolution, and frame rate?

Whole level play-throughs or 20 second teasers?

…And will the mongame channel team edit or cut the submissions?

1080p, 60fps, under 2 minutes, edited. Got it.

Ummm, that wasn´t answer to you. But there are no further specifications to:
“Game trailers for games using MonoGame.”

So I assume any trailer will do

Ah, I thought your post was a sort of “here’s how its done”.

Anything on what format to use?

Is Wayward Terran Frontier: Zero Falls a MonoGame title? I hadn’t seen this one before now.

We don’t have time to do more than just upload content sent to us. If you want something to be cut well and have titles and stuff you need to do that before sending it to us.

Thank you Tom.

The last thing I need to know is limits on duration. Is it fine to send a few 4 minute videos, or would you prefer a single short n flashy montage?