Templates and MG from source

I was hoping that the templates would take care of all the references for me but when I make changes to the MG framework source (and release build) those changes are not reflected in the projects. What am I missing?

My steps:

  1. Cloned repo
  2. Ran git submodule update --init
  3. Ran dotnet-cake
  4. Uninstalled the standard monogame templates from visual studio
  5. Ran the .vsix installer in \MonoGame\Artifacts\MonoGame.Templates.CSharp\
  6. Created project from the newly installed templates.
  7. Made changes to MG source.
  8. Built MG source.
  9. Changes not reflected in project :confused:

I’d be happy to make a step by step guide on this once I understand how it works, cus I feel it’s missing from the docs, or maybe that’s just me?


With the standard templates, a newly created project will reference the NuGet packages for MonoGame.Framework and MonoGame.Content.Builder.Task.
Or did you modify the templates to reference your modified MonoGame assembly?

You can remove the NuGet references after creating a project, and reference your modified version of MonoGame instead. If that’s what you want, this tread should help you do that.

It’s not you. The docs are thin, especially in the build from source department.

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Got it working, thanks a lot!

I guess the templates you get when you download and build the source are no different than the standard templates you get when installing MG normally, eg: they don’t reference the source they come with but nuget packages…