templates tvOS Mac iOS windows

hello can some one help creating an empty project for all platforms and content pipeline
sens vi can not create projects in visual studio 2019
and zip im all up and put it to download at this site

i am working on Mac and I notice that apple has remove support for OpenGL for tvOS with the last sdk 11.4 Catalina released 2 weeks ago , also planing not to support OpenGL in future release of iOS , so is monogame gonna run on top of metal like fna xna

so I get in the future the platforms , future next year as stated by apple2021 at there developer site

windows directs
android OpenGL
mac iOS tvOS metal

can you please make support for deploy content to FNA I believe that desktopgl content is the right one , but not all ways when it come to 3d models
all so png image does not support pvr iOS but zamarin bitmap supports that

Michael hansen