Testing my phone app without screen touch capabilities

I have an older version of XNA and I created an XNA game on it for Windows Phone. When I run it on my XNA game on my laptop it displays in the emulator and I am able to use interact with my game using my fingers/touch capabilities, because my laptop has touch capabilities. Now I might be getting a new PC or laptop which I plan to put the latest Monogame installation on. However what if the new laptop or PC does not have touch screen capabilities? How will I test it in the emulator? Will the mouse cursor be interpreted as a finger press?

I sucessfully tested my android app using an emulator on my Windows PC with no touch screen.
The mouse left click was interpreted as a finger press.

I’m not sure how you would test any multiple finger functionality - I didn’t have any of that in my app.

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Great, thank you.

The emulator that I was using for Android development (that just shipped with Android Studio) had it so that if you held shift, it would do this. It would create a line between where the centre point was the place the mouse was when you first held shift, one end point is where the mouse currently is, and the other point is on the opposite side of the centre.

I may not be describing this well but if your emulator supports multitouch, you’ll see what I mean :slight_smile: It’s not the best for true multitouch (ie, you can only touch points that are on the line you can make, but it should be enough to test your implementation of multi-touch handling.

That’s all for Android, so if your Windows Phone emulator doesn’t support that, maybe just try it on Android. It should be the same code. Of course, I would strongly advise that you pick up a cheap physical device to test with sooner rather than later. The emulator actually does a really great job, but there were definitely some quirks I found once I started testing with a physical device. Also, if you have some friends who have that hardware, see if they wouldn’t mind testing for you. Having a range of hardware to test with really helps.

I had a friend testing with a very old Android device who found a couple of issues that didn’t show up on newer devices, so that was really helpful.


Awesome, thanks for the help.