Text to Voice converter?

Hi all!

I’m looking for a software that I can use to convert text to a human male and female voice and then save it to an audio file.

I was searching online and did find many converter. But they are not clear regarding that if I can use the audio files for commercial purposes or not.

I was also looking in to the Speech Synthesiser class but I didn’t like the voice very much and also not quite sure if could work on Android so I’m looking in to the option to use audio files instead. But I can’t find any good solution that would save the voice in to an audio file and grant me permission to use it for commercial purposes.

Could anyone recommend any software that I can definitely use for commercial purposes?

I would appreciate any help.


We’ve used https://acapela-box.com
Their pricing is very reasonable and the quality is good.

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This is exactly what I was looking for. The pricing and quality is indeed very good:)
Even better we can listen the text for free which is great! It doesn’t cost money to find the right voice, need to pay only if I want to download it. Fantastic!

Thanks a lot!

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There is also a free Text to Speech converter available called Balabolka. This uses the free Microsoft Sapi 4 and Sapi 5 voices.
The program can be found at : http://www.cross-plus-a.com/balabolka.html, and the voices can be downloaded from : http://www.zero2000.com/free-text-to-speech-natural-voices.html. They also have voices in several different languages. I have used this software myself and it is very simple to install and use. The files can saved as .wav, .mp3, .mp4, .oog, and several others formats.

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I added Balabolka to the gamedevelopment list here https://github.com/UnterrainerInformatik/GameDevelopmentLinks/blob/master/README.md
I mainly used your text. Hope that’s ok.

Thanks for mentioning :slight_smile:
I did actually find this one, but my problem is that it does not explicitly grant permission to use the audio files for commercial purposes. Maybe I’m only overcomplicating this, but since Balabolka is using the Windows SAPI and the Windows voices which is to my knowledge is free to use in a Windows application but because I do want to use the voices also on Linux, Mobile and in the browser, I’m not entirely sure if that would be ok to do. In case what I’m working on is going to be a success, I don’t want Microsoft coming after me because I did not have the rights to use the voices outside Windows. And the some goes for all voices I can install. It does not mention it anywhere if I can use those voices in such way for commercial purposes :frowning:

Again, maybe I’m overcomplicating this, but I would prefer something that explicitly grant me permission to use the audio files in commercial projects. But Balabolka is definitely going to be perfect for making placeholder voices and then if I’m still uncertain regarding the legal part of using the voices, I can replace them with ones coming from Acapela Box :slight_smile:

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Certainly! Have you explored AI text to speech tools? Some AI text-to-speech software offers the ability to convert text to both male and female voices and then save it as an audio file. Many of these tools provide options for commercial use, ensuring you have the necessary permissions. Would you be interested in exploring AI-based text-to-speech solutions for your commercial purposes?

Isnt there a windows API for this? Guess its no use if you want multi platfirm though lol