Textbox in Xamarin.Mac

Hi there again,

I´m trying to open a textfield with an ok-button to let players enter text (i.E. for a highscore name). I´ve tried to import AppKit but that doesn´t seem to be available.
On Android I´m using AlertDialog and on iOS UIAlertView for that purpose and on Mac (with Xcode and ObjectiveC) I used NSAlert which doesn´t seem to be available in Xamarin.MAC.

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With Monogame, programmer’s usually create a textbox from scratch. The advantage of this is that the textbox you created will work on any device that you can use Monogame on. I have a video how to do so here: Monogame How to Create a Selectable Textbox Tutorial - YouTube

Hi David,

thanks for the hint. I´ve actually found an older project of mine where I was able to use appkit on a mac monogame project. Back then it was still possible to select “Xamarin.Mac Full .Net Framwork 4.5.2” as the target framework or “Xamarin.Mac Modern”. On a newly created monogame mac project I´m just able to select .Net 5.0 and .Net Core 3.1 where I don´t seem to be able to use appkit or any other mac stuff. As I´m trying to integrate other functionality (i.e. getting the current version of the binary) as well I would like to be able to have access to appkit and other mac related functions as well.
Any ideas if I can add the full framework 4.5.2 to Visual Studio nowadays?