Texture2d in 3d

I’m trying to display 2d sprites in 3 dimensions. For this I use view, projection and world matrix. I finally do this, using BasicEffect and setting it to spriteBatch effect. All work correctly, but sprite reflected horizontally and vertically. Up vector on view matrix is equal to Vector3.Up, scale is Vector3.One, Rotation – Vector3.Zero. What I should try to solve this?

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Are you using billboarding or do you want the sprites to be 3D objects which maintain their perspective?

This would help clarify your intention.

3D Object || Billboarding


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I want the sprites to be real 3d object, that can rotate and scale, but texture for some reason reflected in two axes at the same time

SpriteBatch billboards in a 3D world - Shawn Hargreaves Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs (archive.org)

This might be what you are looking for, I did not check the code but the title fits. it even includes billboarding examples too.

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I am very grateful to you, it describes a problem very similar to mine and everything is detailed and clear.

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