Texture2D.SetData for DXT textures

For the last two years I was able load DXT textures both in Windows and Linux directly from a file. This week I updated to MonoGame 3.5.1 and this sample code works perfectly in windows both with WindowsGL and SharpDX, but in Linux I get no image,no errors or crashes. If I replace with MonoGame 3.4 or any older version it works again…

To load the file:

int dxtHeaderOffset = 0x80;
byte textureData = File.ReadAllBytes(“test_texture_dxt5_256_256.dds”);
Texture2D texture = new Texture2D(GraphicsDevice, 256, 256, false, SurfaceFormat.Dxt5);
texture.SetData(textureData, dxtHeaderOffset, textureData.Length - dxtHeaderOffset);

and to draw:

spriteBatch.Draw(texture, new Vector2(0,0), Color.White);

Here is the sample texture: