Textures with Mipmaps black on Android

I have imported some textures (PNG files) in the Monogame Pipeline tool and created uncompressed xnb texture files for Android.
Without activating Mipmaps everything works fine and I can display the textures on Android (and an Windows as well).
But when activating mipmaps my textures render solid black. Did I miss a setting?

Just to be clear. I try to render using the Basic effect class with default lightning, enabled textures and preferred PerPixelLightning.

Thanks for your guidance,

This used to happen in 3.6. I’d try the latest build from here: http://www.monogame.net/downloads/ (down to development build ) as it may fix the problem.

I will try set as soon as I have time to upgrade. Thank you!

The newest development build ( does not Change anything about this problem. On the other Hand I’m not quit sure if the Rendering is done by the 3.7 o 3.6 verison since I’m using a 3.6 PCL project to draw my components. The development build does not seem to include the portable dll versions?

I downloaded the latest development build and unfortunately this problem still persists. All textures with mipmaps are black on Android. :cry: