The DEFINITIVE MonoGame Library Options

I was actually thinking of this when looking at all the libraries available on Awesome-MonoGame
(GitHub - aloisdeniel/awesome-monogame: A collection of interesting libraries/tools for Monogame based game projects) because I was trying rec some good standard libraries available but man… I don’t even know what to choose. I barely used MonoGame.Extended for a short while and almost everything outside of Nez and MG.Extended have bad documentation.

Can anybody here suggest the best libraries or libraries they prefer to use?

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I mostly use MonoGame.Extended along with my own stuff.

For example these two go in all my projects:

I tend to write docs for all of them.

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Oh yeah I have these saved. This is good stuff mate!

Also what parts of extended are you using?

I mostly use the simple stuff like RectangleF, SpriteBatch shape extensions, TextureAtlases.

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The best one of them all. :^)


This link is floating around these forums… super helpful! I can’t really remember where I got it from though, it was years ago :slight_smile:

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