The new project cannot build

A newly created C# MonoGame Cross-Platform Desktop Application (OpenGL) project cannot build. It doesn’t throw errors or anything, it just loads endlessly.

IDE: Visual Studio 2022 17.6.4
OS: Windows 10

Hi @KIRK, Welcome to the Community!

Have you checked the references? update the NuGet packages, but you said it loads endlessly? background tasks? could be the NuGet Cache, is your network slow?

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Hi @KIRK, welcome to the forums.

I just did a fresh install of Visual Studio 17.6.4. I"m also on Windows 10. I was able to create a new DesktopGL project and run it with no issues, so I’m wondering if there’s some cached things you could clear out that might help.

  1. First, uninstall the MonoGame Extension in Visual Studio, then close Visual Studio
  2. Clear out your NuGet cache. You can do this running the command dotnet nuget locals all --clear from a command line.
  3. Open Visual Studio, when it asks to pick a project to open, just click the little “continue without code ->” link. Then reinstall the MonoGame Extension. It will inform you that you need to restart Visual Studio to finish installing, so do this.

Once this is all done, try creating the project again and running it.

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If you mean the Visual Studio locks up when you try to open the solution, it could be related to the Issue that was reported to MS with Visual Studio.

The temporary fix is to go into settings and turn off “Allow parallel project initialization” under Options → Projects and Solutions → General.

If that’s not what you mean, then please describe it in more detail.