The Original XNA RPG Starter Kit?

Hey guys!

I am very new to monogame, recently just installed it and am trying to learn the basics. When I was younger I tried to learn XNA but never got around to truly learning it. I remember the two starter kits XNA had for platformer and RPGs. Does anyone know where I can find a workable Monogame copy of the RPG starter kit? I have found a reworked version for the platformer kit but none from the RPG. If I cannot find one that works for visual studio 2017 would I be able to straight copy the code and re make for Monogame? Thanks in advance!

Does this help?

I don’t know how much is applicable to Monogame however.

Also, on Udemy there’s a good three game course by Kyle Schaub, which includes a simple RPG that I found very helpful.


(By the way - should be able to copy the code and compile for Monogame - I think the only difference between XNA and Monogame as far as coding goes is some tiny differences in how fx work and parameter/texture passing)

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Thanks man! This looks good! I appreciate the Udemy link too, I am gonna check the course out!

It actually is more of a visual studio issue. I’m using VS 2017 and it does not support a project so old! What I can do is just rebuild it for the new VS. Hopefully just a new project and copy paste and it will compile! If I successfully patch it, would anyone be interested in a new version of the RPG starter Kit?

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Yah, new project and re-compile code should do the trick. I’m gonna check out some more on RPG stuff too.

You know what, there’s a newer version on github: