The Song Contains Video Data

Hello MonoGame friends,

I have a Steam game that works perfectly on PC. When i run the same game on a SteamDeck, I get the error “System.NonSupportedException: The song contains video data!”.

I believe this happens when calling the code “var music = content.Load(“PathOfSong”)”

Any ideas of how to resolve this? I’m assuming there is some metadata in the MP3 that makes the Steamdeck version of this think this is a video file when it is definitely audio only. What that is I’m not sure, but I suspect removing it will resolve the problem.

Hey, nothing to offer you but suggest you try the discord. It smells a little of political bias, but it does have some active users.

Are you saying there are no active users here?

Well… It DOES appear sparse here, but I take back what I said about the discord. It’s a real toxic place, with lots of rude comments, especially towards new people, dominated by a few old-guard types… I just quit today, seeing how abusive it was towards some users, and there are no mods interfering. . -This IS opinion, many others might like that sort of thing. -But I’ve been programming and using forums for 10 years or so, and the monogame discord is the worst place I’ve seen, and the fastest I’ve ever left a community.

Oof… sorry to hear that. Not leaving a lot of options for getting answers then :frowning:

I don’t know much about the SteamDeck myself but from what I understand it either runs games using a compatibility layer called Proton or natively if the game is built for Linux.

Have you already tried a Linux build? If this is occurring on the Linux build then it may be easier to debug the MonoGame source on a Linux VM (I don’t know how easy remote debugging is on the SteamDeck).

Pretty much all questions on here get a knowledgable reply from at least one member.
This thread has had over two hundred views - It appears you have come across a very unusual issue - I could only find one other instance of it being reported in google.

Have you tried editing the mp3 to see if you can change the meta data?
I know this was possible in old tools such as WinAMP.

Altenatively, convert the mp3 to another format and then convert it back - this might remove the offending meta data.

Was hoping for a solution before just playing whack-a-mole but I may just have to do that… start editing and deleting things from MP3s, push builds, hope for the best. I don’t have a Linux VM to test things on and have never done Linux releases (I’m only running into this because my games are now available to try on Steam Deck).

Doesn’t seem like its an uncommon problem, I have this problem on Steam Deck for like 4 of my 8 titles. I wonder if perhaps MonoGame usage has declined to a point where no one is bothering to update their titles to work on SteamDeck when they don’t :frowning: