The Taiyou Game Engine

Hello Guys, i am creating a Game Engine with Monogame, but is not a Game Engine that you pick up the source code of it and modify, it was a Real Game Engine, with Events, User System and soon a Title Data Management and Archeivments System

It work with a Interpreted Language called Taiyou( created by me ), the development was been discussed on the Taiyou Game Engine Discord [ ].

I launched a Preview Version to the Discord, and a Sheet with all commands, Enviroments Variables etc.

At the time, i dont builded it to Windows { because i don’t have to do this }.


User Login:

Game Selection Screen:

Test Game {yes, a dvd logo}:

Test Game Code:



I guess, that is an interpreted language?

I guess that is Linux only?

また、こんにちは@Parallex_Software [Kaabii(星のカービイ)], フォーラムへようこそ。
Also, Hi @Parallex_Software [Kaabii(星のカービイ)], Welcome to the forums.

Happy Coding!

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well, i am actualy a Brasilian not a Japanese and Yes, is a Interprered Language
It works very well, you can do at lest a very simple platformer with it, not just rendering squares hahaha


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i think i will record an apresentation video or something うううんんん

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Sweet, keep at it!


Obrigado!! / Thanks!!


Someone is going to come across this thread and think, why three+ languages lol


sim, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
vai entender