There is no sound in my game. MonoGame 3.6

Sorry for my poor English ~~
I’m a beginner for MonoGame.
Now I want to add some sound effects into my game.
Here is my code.
class MyGame : Game
SoundEffect soundEffect;
SoundEffectInstance soundinstance;

protected override void LoadContent()
	soundEffect = Content.Load<SoundEffect>("sound1");  // sound1.wav
	soundinstance = soundEffect.CreateInstance();

protected void DoSomething()


When I called DoSomething method, there is just no sound. Why?
How can I fix the prob?
Thanks for help!

I found it was no sound if I use the “MonoGame Windows Project” template. But when I change the template to “MonoGame Windows 10 Universal Project” , I can hear the sound!

it could be the encoding of the wave file. Try lowering the bit rate. This was the issue that I had.

Thank you for help.
When I change the template into “MonoGame Windows 10 Universal Project” , I can hear the sound.
But I do not want to use the “MonoGame Windows 10 Universal Project” template.