Thoughts on making a MonoGame Discord server?

I’ve noticed that the MonoGame community doesn’t have anything in the way of an IRC server or anything, so what would you all think of having a MonoGame Discord server? Maybe just for discussing development, getting quick help, general discussion, etc. I’m asking here before making one, just to get all of your opinions on the idea. (Since I’m new to the community and am not sure to what you guys would think of an IRC type thing) Anyways, thanks for reading, can’t wait to hear your responses.

(If you don’t know what Discord is, check here, the site likes to advertise it’s voice chat over it’s text chat, but it has a very good text chat service.)

We already use Gitter for instant chat. It’s linked from the GitHub page, and there’s a (non-obvious, admittedly) link at the bottom of the front of

Gitter is rather limited though, and doesn’t offer much over the Slack/Discord formula of having multiple channels and such. But it’s pretty hard to get a community to switch to something new, so I don’t think it will be worth trying to get a Discord server going.

Gitter offers multiple rooms, and it does have good GitHub integration.

I quite like gitter, there usually isn’t a lot of activity anyway so I think its perfect for MonoGame.

Well of course Gitter has good GitHub integration, that’s what it’s meant for. Also, is this what you mean by multiple rooms? (Image)

Yes and no. Besides repos, groups can also have rooms and these are the rooms I was referring to.

I was imagining something like the HaxeFlixel server, where the rooms were more specific. Like this

That can be done with Gitter, tho usually 2 rooms are enough per repo (one private and one public).

But the gitter doesn’t have rooms for showing off your work or anything specific, does it?Just general discussion about anything MonoGame I’m guessing

Showing off work is best done in the more persistent forums than a temporal chat. There’s not that much traffic on instant messaging that we need separate rooms.

Here is the MonoGame Discord link:

There’s a lot of people in there, including Tom Spilman.

That old Discord link is dead. Here is the new one:

Sorry to revive this, but what is the current discord server link, and also, why is there not a link somewhere prominent for others to find, if it is busy, should be find-able. Many people mention it but never link it.

Should help others to find it too.

And what was that thing about people getting kicked off again? a bot?

Theoretically, there’s nothing stopping us from making an unofficial discord.

I rest my case :stuck_out_tongue:

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