Thumbsticks are topsy-turvy?

What direction is supposed to be ‘up’ on a controller thumbstick? Looks like thumbsticks in MonoGame.WindowsDX 3.7 ‘up’ is pointing at 1 and down is -1. I swear is used to be the other way.
I was digging through some old input code to double check and found a bunch of platform-specific flags that multiply the Y value of the thumbstick by -1, which leads me to believe this has been broken in the past.
Does anyone have a canonical answer before I open a ticket?

works as XNA

dang I’ve been wrong all these years :open_mouth:

It’s just a convention. If you started with anything other than XNA it is possible those values were flipped and you just translated your knowledge from one API to another, and saw that those where flipped. This actually happenned to me back in 2010 :slight_smile:

I blame the Ouya. Thumbsticks mustve been backwards because I had flags everywhere to flip them on that platform :wink: