Thumbsticks inputs are flipped?

I’m following a book I bought on Google Play that is teaching me the ropes of MonoGame, and in Chapter 2 it introduces creating an input wrapper that takes care of all the input methods for a game pad or keyboard. What’s supposed to happen is that the WASD keys is mapped to the same inputs that the right thumb-stick would be on the game pad, but what happens for me is that the WASD keys move up and down correctly, but on the game pad it is flipped for some reason. I’ve looked over every line that I think would cause the problem, even replacing my code with the source code in the book, and the project they provide as an example works perfectly, but my project using THEIR code does not. If anyone can look over my project and see what the problem could be, that would be awesome!

Project: Here

MonoGame Book (Would Recommend So Far): Here

Could be related to an old fixed bug…

Make sure you’re using the latest release of MonoGame which should resolve it.

I have Monogame 3.5.1 installed, but the project was built with 3.5.0. How would I migrate the project to the use the new version?