Tiled library for Xbox One


Is there a library that supports loading .TMX (Tiled) maps for monogame when targeting the Xbox One?

A google search showed a few monogame libraries (ie TiledSharp) but I don’t know if it will work on XB1.


It’s highly likely it will Just Work. You might need to recompile the library if they’re targeting a specific MG lib, but MG abstracts away platform differences. So a lib programmed against the MG API will most of the time work on all platforms MG supports. (There are some exceptions but this isn’t one of them)

You probably mean “e.g.”, not “i.e.” (sorry, couldn’t resist!)


As long as it’s all in C# the answer should be “yes, it’ll work.”

Native code (PInvoke) is where issues come up.

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Thanks everyone. I was hoping as much. Looking to port my XNA game and want to be sure on these things as it looks like I also need to upgrade my dev machine to Win 10 :slight_smile: