Tiled map efficient rendering

Hi I was just wondering about monogame extendeds tiled map, are all the map tiles being rendered (then culled by the 3d hardware)or are some culled before being passed to the sprite batch?

From what I can tell it looks like all of them are passed, although Ive not researched the code fully, is that the case?

Rendering of Tiled maps with Extended is done by generating the geometry in video memory and invoking draw calls to render said geometry. No ‘SpriteBatch’.

So is the geometry for all the map tiles generated or just that in the viewport?

There is no need to do any manual culling like what is recommended with SpriteBatch. It’s actually pretty darn fast to just draw all the geometry since the geometry doesn’t need to be uploaded from CPU memory to GPU memory every frame. If you meet limits of the hardware (I doubt you will for a 2D game), you can always split or chunk the map into smaller maps and do a bit of logic to make them seamless to the player.