Tilesetter + Monogame

Okay, hear me out! I have been talking with the solo dev of Tilesetter. Which, if you haven’t checked it out yet is a crazy awesome tool for, you guessed it, Tilesets! It’s available on Steam or their website, and it exports to many formats and development platforms and has incredible features for speeding up every aspect of creation and beyond that I haven’t seen with any other tileset creators. Please check it out for yourselves and if it’s something that interests you, please voice your support. Even better, would be if community managers for monogame are interested enough, and reach out to work with Tilesetter on some sort of extension. Tilesetter is exactly the kind of thing I need in my workflow with monogame and my hope is that others will look into it and agree. Thank you for your consideration.

I think the expectation is that the community makes these extensions ourselves as MonoGame is a Framework, not intended to be tied to any particular 3rd party technologies. If you’re interested in using Tilesetter for your project, you could try making this yourself.

For some reference (and perhaps as an alternative), you can check out LDtk, along with its importer/renderer.

Thanks for the information and recommendation. I had not seen anything about LDtk.