Time to load Textures

Hello everyone, I’m just wondering what sorts of loading times I should be expecting when I’m loading Texture2D’s.

So far 1250 images takes around 60 seconds(.png of sizes 400x400). Which is not that bad on its own but considering I’ll have up to a few thousand images more I’d love to have it as fast as possible to avoid loading times being longer than necessary.

Now of course I will not be loading everything at once, or even to the same Content Manager. So there is no real issue, it’s just me being curious what the norm is because I had an issue before with my .xnb file sizes so just making sure there are is nothing weird going on that I missed.

Essentially my question is, is there a way to quicken up the loading times of Textures?

Thanks in advance.

Are u loading from content manager or texture2d.fromstream?

If the latter the reasons xnb files are so large is because they can be loaded in to memory with barely any processing.

Whereas loadfromstream has to prosses them first resulting in longer load times.

From Content Manager.

Whether content or stream loading, does your first level/stage really use 1,250 images ? it will consume a lot of memory and resources if not in use.

Why not load only the textures you will need for your current stage/level and unload all after your done and load again the needed texture for the next stage/level ^ _ ^y

I ended up solving the issue by optimizing things on my end. Packing up a lot of stuff into spritesheets and other things.
I was just thinking if there was anything I missed in the options or some quick fix for slightly better loading times :slight_smile: and yes I’ll be loading things in batches, definitely not all at once :smiley:

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